Classic Game Room reviews the Japanese Sony Playstation 2 model PS2 SCPH-90000. If you want to play games like Thunder Force 6 and Front Mission 5 you need a machine that can play them, and American PS2′s just won’t do the trick. You really only have 2 options, modifications or importing a Japanese PS2. CGR decided to purchase a new Japanese region NTSC 100v PS2 from with a heaping jar of pocket change and play Thunder Force VI like it’s our job (it is). There are tons of import titles available only in Japan for the Playstation 1 and PS2. For some reason (money) these game companies make certain genres region locked or encoded and contain them to market specific parts of the world. They assume that Americans don’t want to play Japanese SHMUPS like TF6 or Macross Plus or strategy games like Front Mission 2 and FM5. They thought wrong! We do want to play these games and although not cheap, it’s not like you have to cut your arm off either. Importing a Japanese region NTSC Playstation 2 has never been easier or less expensive. This SCPH-90000 works on American AC power and plays games just like a US PS2. You can even set the system menus to English, and most games seem to have English menus anyway. Works with American PS2 memory cars. This review shows the differences between a Japanese PS2 and an American PS2 and how they stack up side by side. Only on CLASSIC GAME ROOM will you find such authoritative video game equipment and hardware reviews, including Mondatica helps you to everythings you need with Facebook, Social Games, Technology & Videogames! Every day Video tutoria and how to, stay tuned with us!