Follow or contact me at: Join my blog site to help me out and support my videos. ^ Budokai Ki Management Tutorial by Underlordtico ^ Cancel speed demonstration -Physical hits do 25% more damage from the back. Use that to your advantage. I have gone ahead and made single character tutorials for both Budokai 3 and Infinite World. Make sure to check those out. Thx First of all, sorry about the sound. I think my voice was off either because of my new audio mixer or maybe cause am losing it. Like I said at the start, this tutorial is mainly focused on explaining in deep detail the mechanics of guard cancel combos in Dimps Budokai style DBZ games. I was a little rusty at some parts, guess I need to stop playing Spike DBZ games for a bit. The combos of course are not the same in all Budokai style games but the principle of performance is the same. Budokai 3 was the first game to revolutionalize Guard Cancel combos and Infinite is the last of it’s kind so far. Forget what Raging Blast told you is cancels, this is real cancelling baby. PS Only infinites which don’t have a damage cap are Goku’s Super Dragon Fist, Gohan’s Soaring Dragon Strike and Bardock’s Heat Phalanx. Is always best to teleport from these and of course any combo that will kill you if fully done when your health is low (common sense on that one XD), But if you have health to spare always pick energy over health Mondatica helps you to everythings you need with Facebook, Social Games, Technology & Videogames! Every day Video tutoria and how to, stay tuned with us!