DOWNLOAD HERE: — AllSync allows you to keep your contacts up to date with latest profile pictures and information from Facebook, MySpace, Orkut, Netlog, Plaxo (and more) with a quick and easy to use interface. With this app you can show your friends Facebook, MySpace, Orkut, Netlog, Plaxo profile picture when they/you call and show your friends birthday or notes in their contact detail. FEATURES * Try before buy: unlike other similar apps you can perform without buying a **full working sync** (limited to 25% of your contacts). If you like it you can then buy it inside the app (using in-app purchase) * A lot of info to sync: you can sync photo (full and thumbnail), birthday, company, job title, notes, name, phones, emails, ims, addresses, websites (not available for all providers) * Multi-provider support: works not only with Facebook, but also with MySpace, Orkut, Netlog, Plaxo, Google, (Twitter coming soon) * Smart-Match Contacts: automatically matches your iPhone contacts to your friends. You can also create your own matches if AllSync doesn’t Smart-Match using the best match suggestion * Fine-grained control of synchronization: you can choose exactly what to sync and what you want to overwrite, either globally or for individual contact. It will not overwrite existing contact pictures or information, unless you want it to! * Exchange/MobileMe/Google Sync Support: Works with all of the known address book sync tools available for your iPhone. * Google